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The Fire Regime Condition Class Mapping Tool installation file automatically installs a reference condition table with data from the following reference condition models:  1) FRCC Guidebook models for the Western U.S., Eastern U.S., and Alaska, 2) the LANDFIRE National model, and 3) the LANDFIRE Rapid Assessment models for the conterminous U.S.

Downloading Reference Condition Tables:

Step 1 Install the mapping tool: 

FRCC Mapping Tool Version 2.2.0 Install File

Continue to Step 2 to obtain the most updated version of the Reference Condition Tables.

Step 2:  Download updated Reference Condition tables:

LANDFIRE National Reference Condition Table (version 2.2.0):
Click to download:

              A corrected Rapid Assessment Reference Condition Table is now available for download at:
              RA Reference Condition Table

Download Related Material:

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