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The National Interagency Fuels, Fire, and Vegetation Technology Transfer Team (NIFTT) is sponsored by the National Interagency Fuels Coordination Group (NIFCG) and LANDFIRE. NIFCG was established under the guidance and direction of the Fire Directors of the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, and the Fish and Wildlife Service; the Chief of the Forest Service, and the Directors of the named Department of the Interior (DOI) Bureaus and the Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. NIFTT will assist the NIFCG in fulfilling its purpose of developing and implementing an effective interagency fuels management program to address risks related to severe fires in wildland urban interface communities and to restore healthy ecological systems in other wildland areas.

Specifically, NIFTT is sponsored by NIFCG to coordinate, develop, and transfer consistent, efficient, science-based fuel and fire ecology assessment tools and trainings. Examples of this effort include coordinating product implementation and associated technology transfer of both LANDFIRE data and applications and those of the Fire Regime Condition Class Guidebook as well as coordinating research results from USDA Forest Service, Department of Interior, and Joint Fire Science program, among others. Core team members include agency, TNC, and private consultant fire and landscape ecologists; software developers; project coordinators; and support staff. The team is currently focusing on the technology development and transfer components of the LANDFIRE National Project (see www.landfire.gov), refreshing LANDFIRE data from circa 2000 to current status, and providing application tools and online training (www.niftt.gov).

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